œnm . œsterreichisches ensemble fuer neue musik
Konzert 02 – Salzburg

freedom of movement

Thursday, 17. February 2022, 20:00
Universität Mozarteum, Solitär
Mirabellplatz 1, 5020, Salzburg

Three percussionists, one female percussionist, two cellists and a saxophonist of the œnm . œsterreichisches ensemble fuer neue musik explore the different musical facets of the term "freedom of movement" in this programme.
The composers' means and approaches could not be more different, even if the scenery is of fundamental importance for long stretches: in Mauricio Kagel's instrumental theatre "Match", in "Musique de Table" by Thierry de Mey as well as in John Cage's "Living Room Music", the third dimension plays an essential role. In between, Erin Gee's "mouthpiece XXIV" requires maximum freedom of movement of the human speaking tools. After highly virtuosic pieces by Dieter Mack and Jean-Baptiste Marchand, which demand all the more freedom, the evening ends with a world premiere by Tomasz Skweres. He has not only written his work to suit this extraordinary instrumentation of the œnm, but also knows how to use the fantastic sound world of South-East Asian gamelan music for a final heightening of the rhythmic-mobile élan.


Thierry de Mey (*1956)
Musique de Table (1985)

Tomasz Skweres (*1984)
Leyak (2021)

John Cage (1912 - 1992)
Living Room Music (1976)

Erin Gee (*1974)
Mouthpiece XXIV (2015)

Jean-Baptiste Marchand (*1978)
Fear (2018)

Dieter Mack (*1954)
Selisih Baru (2018)

Mauricio Kagel (1931 - 2008)
Match (1964)


œnm . œsterreichisches ensemble fuer neue musik
Michael Krenn. Saxofon
Tomasz Skweres. Violoncello
Sebestyén Ludmány. Violoncello
Jürgen Barth. Schlagzeug
Rupert Struber. Schlagzeug
Michael Mitterlehner-Romm. Schlagzeug
Johannes Eder. Schlagzeug
Manuel Schönegger. Tontechnik